The links on this page provide additional information to the basic setup links in the Getting Started Guide. Click on a link to view the help topic.

Adding Traffic Director

Learn how to set up Traffic Director.

Advanced Traffic Director Configurations

Solving specific challenges with Managed DNS and Traffic Director.

Configure Managed DNS for CDN Hostnames

An Amazon Web Services example for properly configuring your content to be reachable via CDN.

DNS Status Icons Explained

There are several icons used to identify the status of each zone on your account. This page describes what each icon means.

How To Format A Zone File

Learn how zone files are formatted.

Managing Dynamic Updates

Instructions to set up and manage Dynamic DNS (DDNS) using Dyn’s Managed DNS.

Managing Permissions

An overview of Managed DNS user and group permissions.

Managing Services

Instructions on adding, removing, and configuring services on your Managed DNS account.

Managing Users

Information to set up, manage, and remove users within your Managed DNS account. Includes Dynamic UpdateUsers.

Migrate Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Zones

Information on how to migrate your dynamic DNS (DDNS) domains/zones from Dyn’s Standard DNS to Dyn’s Managed DNS Express service.

Migrate From Traffic Manager To Traffic Director

Information on how to migrate your zones from the Traffic Manager service to Traffic Director.

Managing Zones

Information to set up DNS zones on your account. Includes a tutorial video on setting up your first zone.

Quick Task: Create DDNS Host

Instructions on creating a DDNS host from the Quick Tasks menu.

Quick Task: Create SRV Records

Instructions on creating SRV records from the Quick Tasks menu.

Understanding DNS Resource Records SPF and DKIM

Confused about setting up SPF and DKIM for your email service? Answers are here.

Understanding DNS Zone Notes

Information for reading and understanding the Zone Notes.

User and Group Permissions

Listings of all possible permissions you can grant or remove from a user account in Managed DNS.

Zone Records

Configuration information for all Resource Record types supported by Dyn’s Managed DNS.

Zone Services

Individual links to information on each zone service supported by Managed DNS.