The Create Dynamic DNS Host Quick Task will allow you to create a dynamically updated host within your zone, with a dedicated update client user.

Note: If you are managing several dynamic hostnames, it is recommended to create a unique Update User for each hostname or each remote device.

Watch this video to learn how to create and link hostnames to dynamic IP addresses using Dyn’s Managed DNS or follow the instructions below.

Access the Create Dynamic DNS Host Quick Task

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Find the Zone where you want to create the Dynamic DNS Host. Primary Zone List
3.  Click Manage for that Zone in the right most column.
4. Select the Quick Tasks tab. Quick tasks tab
5. Under Zone Quick Tasks, select Create Dynamic DNS Host. Zone Quick Tasks

Create the Dynamic Host

Note:  In order to create or update a user to be the Update User, your user ID within Dyn Managed DNS must have UpdateUserAdd and UserUpdate permissions. See Managing Permissions for more information.

1.  Enter the Host Information:

Hostname: Enter a name for the new host.

IP Address: Provide an initial IP Address.  This will be automatically updated by your update client after your service is activated, and your records published to DNS.

Record Type: Select the Record Type for the host you are creating.

 Quick dynamic host
2.  Create a New Update User, allow Managed DNS to create an Update User for you (see below), or Use an Existing User (see step 3).

Nickname (optional): Enter a nickname for the DDNS Host or leave blank.

Password (optional): Enter a password for the DDNS Host or leave blank.

Retype Password (optional): Re-Enter the password for the DDNS Host or leave blank if you left the Password field blank.

Dynamic Update user
If you do not provide a nickname and password, we will generate one for you. If you provide the nickname, it will be appended to a 6-character string which identifies your customer account update user in our system. The appended 6-characters are the same for each Update User in your customer account. This will make it easier for you to keep track of the hosts each user is assigned to update.

Note: The entire string, either the nickname we create or your nickname along with the appended characters, is your Update Username.

3. To Use an Existing Update User, select the username from the drop-down list.  This will give that user permission to update this new host. Use existing user DDNS
4.  Click Reset to clear the form, or click Create DDNS Host. Create or reset the DDNS form

Visit our Update Client documentation to learn how to install and configure Dyn’s Update Client.