DNS is fundamental to the workings of the Internet. Without DNS name resolution, the Internet would not exist as it does today. Understanding DNS, on the other hand, is not as basic.

To assist with your understanding of DNS, our team here at Dyn has put together several blog entries that should get you started. There are many other blog entries on our site that might interest you in your quest for DNS knowledge. They’re all available here at any time for your enlightenment.

DNS 101: What is a Hostname?

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About TTLs

How to Switch Managed DNS Providers in Five Easy Steps

Recursive DNS, Round Trip Times, Delegations & DNS Performance

In addition to these blog entries, we have several webinars about our Managed DNS product. You can register free of charge for the webinars on the links provided. Once registered you can watch and listen to the webinar.

Dyn Webinar Series: Intro To Managed DNS
Dyn Webinar Series: DNS Performance and Security
Dyn Webinar Series: Advanced DNS Features