Accounts & Permissions

These permissions relate to user account maintenance.

Permission Description
ContactAdd Create a Contact
ContactGet Get information about Contacts
ContactUpdate Modify a Contact’s information
ContactDelete Delete a Contact
CustomerGet Get information about Customers
CustomerGetPref Get a list of Customer’s Preferences
CustomerSetPref Modify a Customer’s Preferences
CustomerReadIPACL View a Customer’s IP Access Control List
CustomerUpdateIPACL Modify a Customer’s IP Access Control List
CustomerAddNote Add a Note to a Customer’s Account
GroupGet Get information about Permission groups
PermissionGet Get a list of permissions
PermissionUpdate Modify Permissions and Permission groups
UpdateUserAdd Create an Update User
UpdateUserDelete Delete an Update User
UpdateUserUpdate Modify an Update User
UpdateUserLogin Allow an Update User to Login to the DDNS Client
UserAdd Create Users
UserGet Get information about User accounts
UserUpdate Modify a User’s account
UserDelete Delete a User
UserBlock Block a User
UserUnblock Unblock a User
UserLogin Log in to the Managed DNS application
UserChangepw Change User Password
UserAddNote Add a note to a User’s account
UserAuthGetPW Retrieve User password

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These permissions relate to the different Managed DNS services offered by Dyn.

Permissions that begin Are for this service:
RTTM . . . Real Time Traffic Manager
DDNS . . . Dynamic DNS
DNSSEC . . . DNS Security
DSF . . . Traffic Director
FO . . . Fail Over
GEO . . . Global Traffic Manager (Classic)
GSLB . . . Dynamic Traffic Manager
Reverse . . . Reverse DNS


Permission Description
CDNManagerAdd Create a CDN Manager Service
CDNManagerDelete Delete a CDN Manager Service
CDNManagerUpdate Modify a CDN Manager Service
CDNManagerGet Get information about CDN Manager Services
CDNManagerFailover Force a CDN Manager Service to Failover
CDNManagerRecover Force Recovery of a CDN Manager Service currently in Failover
DDNSAdd Add a Dynamic DNS Service
DDNSGet Get information about Dynamic DNS Services
DDNSUpdate Modify a Dynamic DNS Service
DDNSDelete Delete a Dynamic DNS Service
DDNSActivate Enable a disabled Dynamic DNS Service
DDNSDeactivate Disable a Dynamic DNS Service without deleting it
DDNSResetAbuse Reset the Abuse Count on a single Dynamic Host
DDNSUnblock Unblocks a Dynamic DNS Service that was blocked for abuse
DNSSECAdd Add a DNSSEC Service
DNSSECGet Get information about DNSSEC Services
DNSSECUpdate Modify a DNSSEC Service
DNSSECDelete Delete a DNSSEC Service
DNSSECActivate Enable a disabled DNSSEC Service
DNSSECDeactivate Disable a DNSSEC Service without deleting it
DSFAdd Add a Traffic Director Service. Also required to add a Health Monitor to an existing Traffic Director Service.
DSFUpdate Modify a Traffic Director Service
DSFNotifier Add, Edit, and Delete a notifier. User must have both DSFUpdate and DSFNotifier to execute the Add, Edit, and Delete tasks.
DSFDelete Delete a Traffic Director Service
DSFGet Get information about Traffic Director Services
DSFActivate Activate a disabled Traffic Director Service
DSFDeactivate Deactivate an active Traffic Director Service
FOAdd Add a Failover Service
FOUpdate Modify a Failover Service
FODelete Delete a Failover Service
FOGet Get information about Failover Services
FOActivate Enable a disabled Failover Service
FODeactivate Disable a Failover Service without deleting it
FORecover Force Recovery of a Failover Service currently in Failover
GeoAdd Add a GeoTM Service
GeoUpdate Modify a GeoTM Service
GeoDelete Delete a GeoTM Service
GeoGet Get infomation about GeoTM Services
GeoActivate Activate a disabled GeoTM Service
GeoDeactivate Deactivate an active GeoTM Service
GSLBAdd Add a Dynect Traffic Manager Service
GSLBUpdate Modify a Dynect Traffic Manager Service
GSLBDelete Delete a Dynect Traffic Manager Service
GSLBGet Get information about Dynect Traffic Manager Services
GSLBActivate Enable a disabled Dynect Traffic Manager Service
GSLBDeactivate Disable a Dynect Traffic Manager Service without deleting it
GSLBRecover Force Recovery of a Dynect Traffic Manager Service currently in Failover
MirrorAdd Add a Mirror Service
MirrorGet Get Mirror Services
MirrorUpdate Modify a Mirror Service
MirrorDelete Delete a Mirror Service
MirrorActivate Activate a disabled Mirror Service
MirrorDeactivate Deactivate a Mirror Service
LBAdd Add a Load Balance Service
LBUpdate Modify a Load Balance Service
LBDelete Delete a Load Balance Service
LBGet Get information about Load Balance Services
LBActivate Enable a disabled Load Balance Service
LBDeactivate Disable a Load Balance Service without deleting it
LBRecover Force Recovery of a Load Balance Service currently in Failover
ReverseDNSAdd Add a Reverse DNS Service
ReverseDNSGet Get a list of Reverse DNS Services
ReverseDNSDelete Delete a Reverse DNS Service
ReverseDNSUpdate Modify a Reverse DNS Service
ReverseDNSActivate Enable a disabled Reverse DNS Service
ReverseDNSDeactivate Disable a Reverse DNS Service without deleting it
RTTMAdd Add a Real Time Traffic Management Service
RTTMUpdate Modify a Real Time Traffic Management Service
RTTMDelete Delete a Real Time Traffic Management Service
RTTMGet Get information about Real Time Traffic Management Services
RTTMActivate Enable a disabled Real Time Traffic Management Service
RTTMDeactivate Disable a Real Time Traffic Management Service without deleting it
RTTMRecover Force Recovery of a Real Time Traffic Management Service
AliasService Manage ALIAS Records (if enabled)

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These permissions are for the Managed DNS reporting features.

Permission Description
LogGet Get BILL logs
StatsGetCSV Get a list of Statistics as Comma Separated Values
StatsTopHosts Ability to get a list of top hosts queried

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Zones & Records

These permissions cover the activities necessary to create and manage zones and zone records.

Permission Description
RecordAdd Add a Record
RecordUpdate Update a Record
RecordDelete Delete a Record
RecordGet Get information about Records for a zone
RecordBulkAdd Add multiple Records for a zone at a time
RecordBulkUpdate Update multiple Records for a zone at a time
RecordDiscard Remove pending Record changes for a zone
RedirectAdd Add a HTTP Redirect Service
RedirectGet Get information about HTTP Redirect Services
RedirectUpdate Modify a HTTP Redirect Service
RedirectDelete Delete a HTTP Redirect Service
SecondaryGet Get information about Secondary Services
SecondaryUpdate Modify a Secondary Service
SecondaryDeactivate Disable a Secondary Service without deleting it
SecondaryActivate Enable a disabled Secondary Service
TaskGet Get information about Tasks
TaskCancel Cancel a Task
TransferListGet Get information about External Nameserver Services
TransferListAdd Add an External Nameserver Service
TransferListUpdate Modify an External Nameserver Service
TransferListDelete Delete an External Nameserver Service
TransferListActivate Activate a disabled External Nameserver Service
TransferListDeactivate Deactivate an External Nameserver Service
TSIGAdd Add a Transaction Signature (TSIG)
TSIGGet Get information about Transaction Signature (TSIG) keys
TSIGDelete Delete a Transaction Signature (TSIG) key
TSIGUpdate Modify a Transaction Signature (TSIG) key
ZoneCreate Create a Zone
ZoneUpdate Modify Zone information
ZoneGet Get information about Zones
ZoneRemove Delete a Zone
ZoneImport Import a Zone
ZoneTransfer Transfer a Zone
ZoneMigrate Migrate a Zone from
ZoneAddNode Add a node to a Zone
ZoneRemoveNode Delete a node from a Zone
ZoneRemoveNodeRecursive Recursively delete nodes from a Zone
ZoneFreeze Freeze a Zone, preventing changes
ZoneThaw Unfreeze a Zone, allowing changes again
ZoneRelease Unlock a Zone, allowing changes
ZonePublish Publish pending changes to a Zone
ZoneInitialPublish Begin serving a new zone
ZoneChangeset Get a list of pending changes to a Zone
ZoneDiscardChangeset Delete pending changes to a Zone
ZoneChangeLog Get a list of historical changes to a Zone
ZoneNotes Get a list of Notes on a Zone

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