I have several zones on my account.  For security purposes, I want to restrict access for a specific user to a single zone and its sub-zones.  How can I assign one user to manage one zone and all it’s sub-zones?


 1. Set up a new user in Managed DNS or select an existing user account. See Help topic Create A User for instructions on adding a new user into Managed DNS.
 2. Open the User Account. DNS User Account view
 3. Select Advanced User Permissions. Advanced User Permissions button
 4. Search for the Zone the User will manage. Search for Zone
 5. Select the Zone and its sub-zones by selecting the bullet point lines underneath the zone name. Zone and its children
 6.  Drag the selected zone and its sub-zones into the Allowed Zones field.

NOTE:  This will remove the default ‘All Zones’ access for this user.

Zone Assigned to User
 7.  In the Permissions section, select Zones & Records. Zone and Record User Permissions
 8.  Assign YES to each permission in this section so this user has full permission to manage the zone and sub-zones selected.

NOTE: Permissions set are additive with any other permissions granted from other groups.

Add individual permissions to a user
 9. Save the updated permissions for this user. Saving individual permissions