The articles linked here provide additional information on a variety of DNS topics, both specific to Dyn’s Managed DNS as well as DNS in general. Follow the link to the help topic page.

Child and Parent Zones in Managed DNS

Child zones allow you to attach services, such as Traffic Director, to one part of your zone instead of the entire zone. This page gives you more detailed information on child and parent zones.

DNS Related RFCs

Requests for Comments (RFCs) are created by the Internet Engineering Task Force ( and define the standards of all things Internet. The RFCs listed here pertain to DNS Standards.

Download Your Zone File

Instructions to download a text file of all your DNS zone information from Managed DNS.

Download Your Zone File Using DIG

Instructions on downloading a text file of your zone data from Managed DNS using BIND’s DIG tool.

Managed DNS Expert Editor

There are two interfaces for Dyn’s Managed DNS, the Simple and Expert Editors. The Simple Editor is used for most of the examples¬†in the help. This page explains the Expert Editor.

More Information on DNSSEC

Detailed information on understanding, maintaining, and setting up DNSSEC.

More Information on HTTP Redirect

Detailed information on understanding and setting up HTTP Redirect.

Setup SRV Records For Microsoft Lync

Instructions on how to set up the required SRV records for Microsoft Lync.

Understanding DNS Zones

Additional information on how DNS works in general and Dyn’s Managed DNS.

Understanding Group Permissions

Dyn’s Managed DNS groups users into seven default user groups. This page provides information on these groups and the permissions group membership grants.

Understanding Reports

A listing of available Managed DNS reports and their content.

Using External Nameservers

Information on using non-Dyn nameservers as Secondary nameservers for your Dyn Managed DNS.