The Managed DNS Expert Editor gives you a different view of your zone nodes and records.

If you are familiar with other DNS Management product interfaces, you may recognize the similarities with Expert Editor.  Use the Expert Editor to create some SPF records, which cannot be created via the Quick Tasks or the Simple Editor; easily create a node and record simultaneously, and manually create multiple records more easily than using the Simple Editor.

One task the Expert Editor cannot do is to add Services to your zone.  You must add services to your zone using the Simple Editor feature.


Managing Your Zone with Expert Editor
1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Click Manage in the far right column for the zone you want to change.
3.  Click the down arrow next to Simple Editor on the menu bar and select Expert Editor from the drop-down menu.  Node Finder menu
Expert editor view
 4.  There are 6 columns in the Expert Editor interface.  When you click Add a New Record, one row is added to the top of the list and a field appears in each column where you can add data. Use the following information to create a new record or to understand current records:

  • Node —Enter the name of the node where this record will exist.
  • Zone — Zone name you selected in step 2 of this procedure.  Not Editable.
  • TTL — Time to Live value.  Select the interval for this record’s time to live before cached record information will be updated.
  • Type — Select the record type for this entry.  See Zone Records for more information about each record type.
  • RData — Enter the data specific to the record type to ensure proper functioning.  See Zone Records for more information about the data required for each record type.
  • Delete — Checkbox indicating this record will be deleted when the changes are updated.  Not all rows can be deleted as not all records can be removed from the Expert Editor view.  If a row cannot be deleted, there will be no checkbox.
Add new record in the Expert Editor
 5.  After you have added all the records and nodes you need, scroll to the bottom of the Expert Editor and click Save Records.  Expert editor save records button
 6. Once the changes are saved you will need to publish your changes. See Publishing Your Zone for more information on publishing zone updates.  Expert editor saved changes


Switching from Expert Editor to Simple Editor
1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Click Manage in the far right column for the zone you want to change.
3.  Click the down arrow next to Expert Editor on the menu bar and select Simple Editor from the drop-down menu. Node Finder Menu - Expert Editor