The Create SRV Records Quick Task will allow you to create  service records on multiple hosts in one view.

Access The Create SRV Records Quick Task
1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Find the Zone where you want to create the SRV Records.  Primary Zone List
3.  Click Manage for that Zone in the right most column.  
4. Select the Quick Tasks tab. Quick tasks tab
5. Under Zone Quick Tasks, select Create SRV Records. Zone Quick Tasks

The Create SRV Records Form

Service Information
Well-known Services:

Sixteen different well known service types are listed in a drop down box which define the service and protocol type.

Customer-defined Services:

If your service is not available in the “Well -Known Services” type drop down box, you can define your own service type and select the protocol from a pre-defined drop down box.

Quick SRV Records - Service Information

Hosts Information
List up to five host names providing service, including the port with a priority and weight setting.

Hostname:  Represents the name of the server providing the service. This can either be a fully qualified domain name, if the server is not within your zone, or it can be a sub-node within the zone.Port:  The port number the service is listening on.

Priority:  Lower priority records take precedence over higher priority records.

Weight:  Weight is used when more than one service of the same priority is defined. Hosts with a greater weight will be chosen more often for a given priority than hosts with a lesser one. A weight of 2 will be serviced twice as often as a weight of 1 for records with matching priority.

Click Create SRV Records or Reset the form once it is completed.  Quick SRV Records - Create or Reset