There are two distinct types of Users in Managed DNS: Users and UpdateUsers.

Users are able to log in to the Managed DNS portal and manage the DNS settings within the limits of the individual user’s permissions. A special type of User is the Administrator. See Managed DNS User Types for the distinction between UpdateUsers, Users, and Administrators.

UpdateUsers are used by Managed DNS service Dynamic DNS (DDNS). They are created solely for the use within DDNS and therefore do not have the ability to log in to the Managed DNS portal.

Create a User Add a user account to the Managed DNS portal and assign permissions.
Edit a User’s Information Change or update a user account or its permissions in the Managed DNS portal.
Delete a User Remove a user account from the Managed DNS portal.
Change a User’s Password Change a user account password for the Managed DNS portal.
Promote a user to Account Administrator Promote a standard user to the administrator of your account.
NOTE: Only one account can have administrator rights at a time.
Create a Dynamic Update User UpdateUsers are created using the Quick Task:  Create Dynamic DNS Host process
Edit a Dynamic UpdateUser Update the information for a Dynamic UpdateUser.
Delete a Dynamic UpdateUser Delete a Dynamic UpdateUser.
Change a Dynamic UpdateUser’s Password Change the password for a Dynamic UpdateUser.