Zone Notes in Managed DNS keep track of every time the zone is published as well as information notes on things that happen in your Managed DNS account. There are two types of Zone Notes: zone publish and information. Use the Zone Notes activity log to review past events, troubleshoot issues, or track historical changes.



To view zone notes

1. Log into your Managed DNS account.
2. Click Manage beside the zone containing the zone notes you want to view.
3. Click View Zone Notes.


Troubleshoot Primary Zone Issues

The zone notes show the history of the publish actions in a zone. It can be seen as the zone Activity log, a historical report of all the changes within a zone since it was created in our platform. This is useful information when troubleshooting past events and changes in your zone.

Structure of a Zone Note

Zone Notes Details
User Identifies the Managed DNS user acting. For automatic action published by Advanced services, such as Active Failover, Traffic Manager or Traffic Director the user will be “dyndns”.
Type 1. Info – Information about a change in an advance service that does not change the content of your zone and it does not require a zone publish.
2. Publish – Change in the zone content.
When Date and time in UTC.
Note Summary of the actions.
Our platform offers the option to include your own Publish notes.


Zone Publish Notifications


Zone Notes and publish notifications are saved in the Zone Notes log. You can also have an email sent to an address you identify when a zone publish notification is generated. The Zone Publish Notifications allow you to identfy that email address to receive an email every time a zone is published.

Note: This feature is only available to the account administrator and/or the contract administrator on the Managed DNS account. Other users will see the Secondary Notifications option, but not the Zone Publish Notifications option on this view.


 1.Click Manage Notifications from the Manage Account drop-down menu. Zone Notes Notifications
 2. Find the Zone Publish Notifications and click Edit. Zone Publish Notifications
 3. Click Edit to enter an email address and wildcard pattern identifying which zone publish events will trigger notification emails.

Leaving the fields empty will trigger notification events for all zones.

Zone Publish Notifications Detail
 4. Click Save to record your notification settings. Save Button
5. An example of a Zone Publish Notification. At Wed Sep 21 08:22:58 2016, Dyn Managed DNS published your zone by a command from user “dnsadmin”

add TXT “New TXT record”

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