Many CDNs require you to set up a series of redirects and records within your DNS setup to make your website’s content reachable via the CDN. Below is an example of how to do this with Amazon Web Services.

1. Log in to your Managed DNS account.
2. Select Manage beside the domain you wish to redirect to Amazon Web Services. Manage button
3. In the Add A New Node field, type in “www” and click Add Node. AWSredirect_AddNode
4. In the new node, select CNAME from the Add A New Record menu and enter the CNAME data provided by AWS into the CNAME field. Then click Add. AWS_CNAME
5. Go back to the apex of your zone and select HTTP Redirect from the Add A New Service drop-down menu. AWSredirect_HTTPservice
6. Type in the URL (starting with HTTP) of the new node you just created and click Add Service. AWSredirect_RedirectURL_2