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DynID includes the integrated logon credentials that allow customers to: (1) access both Managed DNS and Email with one logon, (2) create and manage their own support tickets, (3) reset passwords online, and (4) manage credit cards for billing.

 Dyn DNS Products Compared

 Dyn Account FAQs

 Setting Up DynID

Use Case: Adding Billing Permissions for DNS Enterprise with DynID

How to Link a Product in DynID

Unlinking a Product in DynID

 Creating a Support Ticket

How do I Get a DynID?

Log On with DynID

Log Out of DynID

Updating Credit Card Information

Manage Security

I Forgot My DynID Password

Resetting a Password

Managing DynID Group Permissions

Working with account permissions for DynID and a product, such as Managed DNS or Email Delivery.

2-Factor Authentication

Information and instructions on setting up multi-factor authentication on your Dyn account.