DynID is the integrated logon credentials that allows customers to: (1) access both Managed DNS and Email with one logon, (2) create and manage their own support tickets, (3) reset passwords online, and (4) manage credit cards for billing.

Unsure if your account can use this feature? See Dyn’s DNS Products Comparison chart.

In addition to a single DynID, Dyn accounts still benefit from a 2-Factor Authentication process for increased account security.

Note: Only the person with DynID Billing permissions on the account can reset credit card information.



 1.  Log onto the DynID Portal to view the Dashboard.

Note: The DynID used to logon must have billing permissions on the DNS account in order to update the credit card.
DynID Subscription
 2.  Select Subscription to update credit card information. Subscription button
 3.  Enter the updated credit card information into the fields. Update Credit Card
 4.  Click Save Changes. Save_Changes