2FA appears AFTER your account credentials are verified.
See Dyn Login Help for information about the regular login process.

Can I enable 2FA for my sub-account?
If you are the account owner, you can enable 2FA at the customer level for all users on the account. Individual sub-accounts or user accounts cannot individually enable 2FA.

Can I change my 2FA method from SMS text messaging (or mobile app) to a mobile app (or SMS text messaging)?
The account owner can request that the method be reset for the customer account.  Contact Concierge by emailing concierge@dyn.com to handle this change.

How do I remove 2FA from my Dyn account?
The account owner can enable or remove 2FA on the Dyn customer account. Contact Concierge by emailing concierge@dyn.com to handle this change.

Will 2FA also be required for my API scripts?
No. 2FA does not change your API login requirements. Your scripts will continue to function as they did before.

Do I need to have 2FA on both my Dyn DNS and Email accounts?
No. 2FA is set individually for Dyn’s DNS and Email products. You can have 2FA on both product accounts, only one product account, or neither product account.

Do all accounts need to set up 2FA when it is enabled on my customer account?
Yes. To ensure that 2FA security does its job protecting your data, all user accounts need to set up a 2FA method and us 2FA security codes when accessing your Dyn DNS or Email account.

2FA Error Codes

Why am I seeing error codes when I use Google Authentication for my 2FA?

Some users may see invalid error codes when using Google Authentication or IOS 9 with Dyn’s 2FA product. These error codes may be due to a time sync issue with Google Authentication or IOS 9.

Reference Google’s documentation to learn more about Google Authentication problems.

The release of iOS 9 caused clock synchronization issues on many iOS devices. This desynchronization may cause authentication errors. Reference Apple’s documentation to learn how to address this issue.