DynID is the integrated logon credentials that allows customers to: (1) access both Managed DNS and Email with one logon, (2) create and manage their own support tickets, (3) reset passwords online, and (4) manage credit cards for billing.

In addition to a single DynID, Dyn accounts still benefit from a 2-Factor Authentication process for increased account security.




What is a DynID?

DynID is a user ID in the form of a valid email address. It is called DynID to differentiate the new set of login credentials from the existing legacy credentials. It is a prerequisite to the upcoming product updates.

What is a Multi-Product Login?

Multi-Product Login is the ability to log into Dyn products with a single set of credentials (username and password). For the initial release, only Email Delivery and Managed DNS customers (DynECT products) will be able to access this product extension. Going forward all new products will be in the portal and will be supported by using DynID.

Why do I need to create a new ID?

To optimize security, as we are rolling out our next generation Identity & Access Management (IAM) system, we are creating a new login ID and increasing our password strength. Having all users create new log-on IDs will ensure the utmost security for our customers.

Can I use my old ID and password as my DynID?

No. As Dyn continues to refine our security standards, we have implemented a stricter policy. When a customer creates their DynID, you are presented with the new rules for the user ID and password. The system will not accept anything not in compliance with the new rules.

I already have 2FA on my account, why do I need to re-do the 2FA on my DynID?

To maintain the high security on your account, each new user ID, including DynIDs need to setup their own 2FA credentials.

Managed DNS Specific FAQs

Will changing to DynID remove my administrative rights?

I am a Managed DNS administrator for several different sub-accounts. Will my DynID be able to provide me with access to the accounts I’ve created?
Yes, there will be no change in your administrative rights or controls.

When I establish my DynID and password, will it break all my scripts that I use with the DNS API?

No. Your API password will be unchanged and available for modification within Managed DNS user interface as usual. The new password will be used only for web access to the product.

Email Deliverability Specific FAQs

We have one account to access a single account but several other people use the same credentials to send emails over SMTP. Will this change?

With multi-product login and the DynID, the credentials for the user to log into the Email Delivery product will be separated from the SMTP credentials attached to each account.