I have purchased and logged into Managed DNS, but now need to add other users.

  1. Before adding a user, create the user in Managed DNS. See https://help.dyn.com/create-a-user/ .
  2. Determine the user’s permissions. The easiest way to achieve this is by assigning the user to a predefined group. See https://help.dyn.com/accessing-group-permissions/ . For information about predefined groups, see https://help.dyn.com/understanding-group-permissions/ .

Managed DNS Product Credentials

  1. Gather the following Managed DNS Product credentials:
  • Customer Name: Can be identified on your Managed DNS account. See https://help.dyn.com/managed-dns-api-credentials/.
  • Username: The username that was defined when you created the user.
  • Password: The password that was defined when you created the user.
  1. Send this information to the user, along with the DynID enrollment guide: https://help.dyn.com/setting-up-dynid/ . The user will establish their own email and password for their DynID credentials.

Best Practices

It is recommended that the username be identifiable to an individual and that the DynID is subsequently also identifiable to the same individual (for example, if the username is jdoe, the DynID email would be john.doe@abusinessinc.com).