This topic outlines several use cases that may lead you (the administrator) or you (the user) to create, request access or enroll into your company’s account.

Review the following terminology before continuing:

  • Individual: This is the person who will ultimately be associated with a Username.
  • Customer Name: This is the name of the Managed DNS Account, typically your company’s name.
  • Product: This is the service offering. For example, the Managed DNS product or the Email Delivery product.
  • DynID: This is the Single-Sign-On Service. Log in once and access multiple products.
  • Full Administrator | Account Administrator: The top of the user hierarchy for Managed DNS.
  • Master Account: The top of the account hierarchy for Email Delivery.

See Managed DNS User Types for a full list of Managed DNS user types. See Oracle Dyn Products Comparison for a comparison of products and their associated access portals.

Use Cases