I have just purchased Email Delivery and need to log in for the first time.

Email Delivery uses an account structure rather than a user structure. These accounts are hierarchical, where the first account created is the master email delivery account. All other accounts are subordinate to that master, and are referred to as sub-accounts. Within each account you can have multiple addresses to send from, known as approved senders.

Use the credentials that you received in the email from your account manager to set up your new Email Delivery account.

Enroll in Managed DNS:

  1. Using the credentials you received in the email, log into the DynID enrollment page at https://portal.dynect.net/enroll/ .
  2. Follow the setup guide: https://help.dyn.com/setting-up-dynid/ .

Once you complete the setup guide, you will have access to your new account.


My credentials are correct, but I cannot enroll in DynID.

Best Practices

It is recommended to leave the master account empty or of limited use and assigned to the person who will be in charge of creating, editing or maintaining the sub-accounts. Then, create a sub-account for each relevant department, such as Support@abusinessinc.com and Marketing@abusinessinc.com. To create a sub-account, see Add Email Delivery Accounts.

A DynID should be assigned to an individual rather than a team or distribution email. This is important regarding multifactor authentication, as well as for the full/account administrator because this user’s password or multifactor authentication can only be reset by contacting Oracle+Dyn Support, where security will require an individual be identifiable.

For more information about getting started with Email Delivery, see:

Note: Dyn cannot assist with your Postfix or Sendmail installation or setup.