I have purchased and logged into Email Delivery, but now need to add other accounts (users).

Email Delivery uses an account structure rather than a user structure. These accounts are hierarchical, where the first account made is the Master Email Delivery Account and all other accounts are subordinate to that master, referred to as Sub-Accounts. Within each account you can have multiple addresses to send from, known as Approved Senders.

Before creating a sub-account(s) for other users, you will want to first conceive a schema for the structure of your account(s). Some things to consider while creating this schema are:

  • Sub-Accounts cannot see the Master or other Sub-Accounts, only the Master can see all accounts.
  • Each Sub-Account will have its own Suppression List and Reporting.
  • Each Sub-Account will have its own DynID login.

Some examples of what you might create Sub-Accounts for are:

  • Different departments (support@abusinessinc.com, marketing@abusinessinc.com)
  • Testing vs. production
  • Transactional vs bulk email

Now that you have decided on an account schema, you can create a Sub-Account as outlined here: https://help.dyn.com/email-create-sub-account/ with additional details here: https://help.dyn.com/email-accounts/ .

For example, the Account Name might be ‘A Business Inc – Support’ while the SMTP User might be ‘support@abusinessinc.com’. If desired, the Account Name can also be an email address such that both the Account Name and SMTP Username read as ‘support@abusinessinc.com’; however, the SMTP Username must be an email address even if the Account Name is not.

Once the Sub-Account has been created, you will want to collect the SMTP Username and Password you have just established:

Email Delivery Credentials:

  • SMTP Username: <>
  • Password: <>

Then send those credentials along with the DynID enrollment guide: https://help.dyn.com/setting-up-dynid/ , to the individual who will be using that SMTP username/Sub-Account. In the last step of the enrollment guide, the user will establish their own email and password. These are the DynID credentials that they will use to login going forward.

Best Practice

It is recommended to leave the Master Account empty or of limited use and assigned to the person who will be in charge of creating, editing or maintaining the Sub-Account(s). Then, create a Sub-Account for each relevant use.