DynID is a single-sign-on service that allows you to use one set of credentials (an email and password) to access multiple Oracle Dyn products. In this, the DynID email address is also the DynID Account name, therefore in order to update the email address; we will in fact replace the DynID Account. However, as the DynID is used to sign into your other products, we will need to know those products credentials as well in order to establish the new DynID Account (change the email address).

Updating Your DynID Email Address

1. Copy or write down the credentials used by the product.
Managed DNS API Credentials
Customer Name: The Customer Name can be retrieved by following these steps: https://help.dyn.com/managed-dns-api-credentials/ 
Username: The Username can be confirmed by following these steps: https://help.dyn.com/change-user-passwords/.
Password: The password can be confirmed by following these steps: https://help.dyn.com/change-user-passwords/.
Email Delivery Credentials
SMTP Username: The SMTP Username can be viewed from either the Email Delivery Dashboard or Accounts page: https://help.dyn.com/email-accounts/.
Password: The password can be changed using the Edit option: https://help.dyn.com/edit-email-accounts/.

2. After collecting these credentials, you will need to unlink the old address and then enroll the new address.

DynID#1 jdoe@abizinc.com –/unlink/– Managed DNS 1

DynID#2 john.doe@abusinessinc.com –/Enroll/– Managed DNS 1

  1. Unlink the old/incorrect DynID, by following the steps outlined here: https://help.dyn.com/unlinking-a-product-in-dynid/.
  2. Next, using the credentials you have collected earlier, enroll in a new DynID using the new/corrected email address as outlined here: https://help.dyn.com/setting-up-dynid/. Once you have completed enrollment of the new address, the task is complete.

Multiple Products Connected to DynID

If you have both Managed DNS and Email Delivery, when unlinking the incorrect email in steps above, be sure to unlink both accounts. After enrolling Managed DNS to the new DynID, link the Email Delivery product to that same DynID as outlined here: https://help.dyn.com/how-to-link-a-product-in-dynid/. It does not matter which product is linked first.

Best Practice

It is recommended that the DynID be identifiable to an individual such that John Doe might appear as: john.doe@abusinessinc.com. 

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