Dyn’s Managed DNS enables you to manage all aspects of your DNS environment with one interface. Use the following information to find directions for the task you need to accomplish.

Create a Zone Publish Your Zone Delegating Your Zone
Create a Secondary Zone Manage Records for your Zone Managing Zone Contacts
Setting Up a Reverse DNS Zone Add Nodes to Your Zone Managing Permissions
Add Services to Your Zone Set Up DNSSEC for Your Zone Deleting a Zone

Watch this video for a brief tutorial on how to set up and manage your first zone.


Other Zone Information and Activities


Zone Notes – Click View Zone Notes to open the Zone Notes view.  It is located at the top of the Manage Zone page next to the zone name .

Use the Zone Node Finder

Use the Bulk Add Feature

Freeze/Thaw Zones

You can freeze a zone to keep others from editing its parameters or thaw a zone which was previously frozen. Click the link for instructions for this feature.

Delete Zone
You can delete a zone by clicking Delete Zone on the Zone Options – General page. On the confirmation page, click Remove to permanently delete the zone. Cancel the delete action by clicking on the Cancel.