Create a zone to house a collection of hosts whose DNS settings will be collectively managed as a single unit.  You can create zones manually, import, upload, or transfer zones from another management company, or create a secondary zone to serve as a backup for the primary zone.
Watch this video for a brief tutorial on how to set up and manage your first zone.

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Click Create Zone. Create Zone button
3.  Click the Create Manually tab to display the Create Zone form.

Click here to Create a Secondary Zone.

Click here to Create a Zone by Importing/Uploading A Zone File.

Click here to Create a Zone by Transferring A Zone.

Click here to Create a Zone by Migrating a DynDNS zone to Dyn Managed DNS.

Zone creation options
4.  Use the following information to complete the Create Zone form:

Zone Name – Case sensitive name of the zone to be created. See Finding Your Reverse DNS Zone Name for assistance with naming Reverse DNS Zones.

Nameserver – This field will be populated automatically upon zone creation.

Mailbox – Administrator of the zone (select help for more info).

Default TTL  – Default Time to Live is 1 hour and that sufficient for most Zones.  Increase or decrease as needed.  This TTL value will be the default for any Zone Record where a TTL is not set.

Refresh / Retry / Expire / Minimum – Pre-set configuration items. Click for More Info

Serial Style – Dyn Managed DNS allows you to specify the style of serial number for your zone.  You can choose from a date-based serial number, or an incremental serial number.

Serial – This is the serial number of the zone – automatically populated when zone is created.

Additional Services (optional) HTTP Redirect

Enable HTTP Redirect Service – If this zone is going to be redirected to another zone, you can specify the redirection at the point of zone creation.

Redirect URL – This is the location where the domain request should be sent.

Include requested URI in Redirect – Check this box to include the URI in the redirected URL.

Response Code – This is the HTTP response code that will be returned upon a successful redirection.

Create Zone/Reset – Click Reset to clear all fields or click Create Zone.

Create a Zone manually