Use the Transfer Zone feature when you have an existing zone at another managed DNS provider and are moving the DNS management to Dyn.


Complete PRIOR to Transferring the Zone:
Configuring Your Current DNS Provider to Allow Zone Transfers
1. Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2. Click Create Zone. Create Zone button
3. Click Transfer Zone tab to display the Transfer Zone form. Transfer Zone Form
4. Use the following information to complete the Transfer Zone form:

Zone Name — Enter the name of the zone to be transferred from your current provider.

Master Server IP — Enter the IP address of the Master Server for the domain where your zone currently resides.

Transfer Zone / Reset — Click Reset to cancel or click Transfer Zone.

Transfer Zone Form
5. Click Task Poller to automatically return the zone when the transfer is complete.
6. Review the zone data to ensure it transferred correctly. If it is correct, proceed to Publishing Your Zone.