In order for Dyn’s Managed DNS to transfer your zone data to our system, you will need to configure your primary DNS server to allow zone transfers to the Dyn Provisioning servers (shown in the table below).  The authoritative Dyn nameservers (for example: do NOT accept zone transfer requests for security reasons.  Please make sure you use the servers listed here when transferring your zone to Dyn.


Dyn’s Provisioning Servers

Server Use For This Zone Type IP Address Primary Zones – IPv4 Address (Primary)
Primary Zones – Alternate Address
Primary Zones – IPv6 Address 2600:2001:0:1::67 (Primary)
Primary Zones – IPv6 Alternate Address 2600:2003:0:1::67 Secondary Zones – IPv4 Address (Primary)
Secondary Zones – Alternate Address
Secondary Zones – IPv6 Address 2600:2001:0:1::65 (Primary)
Secondary Zones – IPv6 Alternate Address 2600:2003:0:1::65

NOTE: Make sure that you enter the Primary IP address as the first server to send notifies to and receive transfer requests from. The Alternate address as an offline secondary source.

NOTE:  Dyn supports zone transfers via AXFR(full) or IXFR(incremental) zone transfers.  Please see your current DNS provider’s documentation for whether they support these protocols.

Configuration Example

This example assumes you are using BIND for your primary nameserver. Please note that the IP addresses here are used for example purposes ONLY, you must use the IP addresses listed above for the appropriate nameservers.

NOTE — If you are using a product other than BIND for your primary nameserver, please consult your user manual for instructions on how to append Dyn’s ingress servers to your current setup.

  • Change your notification method to ‘explicit’ and enable the ingress servers to transfer zone data and receive change notifications:

In named.conf:

zone "" {
   type master;
   file "";
   notify explicit;
   allow-transfer {; **; **;;

** Where the IP addresses ‘’ and ‘’ represent the IP addresses of your current nameservers.