The following questions may be useful in the event that your zone transfer was not successful.

1. Have you configured your master server to allow zone transfers from our servers?
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2. Is your firewall allowing TCP and UDP port 53 through to your server?
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3. Is your zone file in BIND or tinyDNS format?
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4. How can I transfer my DNSSEC-signed zone?
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Please review all zones for correctness after uploading them to Managed DNS.

Issues While Transferring Your DNS to Dyn

1. Have you published your zone? Once the zone successfully transfers, the zone must be published to Dyn’s nameservers before we can respond to DNS queries. Click here for more information on publishing your zone.

2. Have you properly delegated your zone to Dyn’s nameservers? Delegation is how the world finds the nameservers for your zone. Be sure that you have listed the correct nameservers with the correct IP addresses. Click here for more information on zone delegation.

3. Have you waited for the cached zone data on your recursive DNS servers to expire? It can take several hours for some recursive DNS servers to clear cached data. Extremely long TTL values can lead to even longer delays.