Use these instructions to Setup a Secondary Zone in Dyn’s Managed DNS for a Primary hosted by another platform.

To edit or modify an existing Secondary Zone, see Modify a Secondary Zone.

On a Managed DNS zone where Dyn is the primary and another platform is secondary, see External Nameservers for more information.

Note: Please note that in order for Dynect to act as a secondary for your zone, you must configure your nameserver to send notifies to (and accept transfer requests from) the following IP addresses:,, 2600:2001:0:1::65, 2600:2003:0:1::65

NOTE: Make sure that you enter the Primary IP address as the first server to send notifies to and receive transfer requests from. The Alternate address as an offline secondary source.

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS Main menu bar
2.  Click Create Zone Create Zone button
3.  Click Create Secondary Zone tab to display the form. Create Menu Bar
4.  Use the following information to complete the form.

Zone Name — Enter the domain name of the zone.

Enable MultiMaster — Click to enable the form to accept more than one IP address.  Use in the case of multiple Primary Zone servers.

Master Server IP — Enter the IP address of your Primary Zone Server.  If there is more than one Primary Zone Server, select Enable MultiMaster and enter one IP address per line.

Click for More Info on Optional Fields

Create Secondary/Reset – Click Reset to clear all fields or Create Secondary.

Create 2ndary Zone - TSIG field
NOTE:  It is important to add your secondary nameservers (found on your account Overview page) to the apex of your primary zone at your primary DNS provider. This creates a proper parent/child delegation match so that your top level domain and your primary authoritative nameserver(s) will always have the same information.