Use these instructions to Update or Modify a Secondary Zone in Dyn’s Managed DNS.

In order to maintain zone records, your user should have the related permissions listed in the Zones & Records permissions section of the User and Group Permissions documentation.

 Secondary Zone Config Note

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS Main menu bar
2.  Click Manage in the far right column for the secondary zone you want to update.
3.  Click Simple Editor on the menu bar. Simple Editor Menu
4.  Use the Records view to update information for the secondary zone.

Current Serial: Current serial number for this secondary zone. Not Editable.

Last SOA Request: The last date/time the Secondary Zone tried (successfully or unsuccessfully) to get SOA information from the Primary Zone. Not Editable.

Activate Service: Click to activate the Secondary Zone service, if it is not already activated.

The Refresh Zone Data and Deactivate Service buttons appear in the interface where the Activate Service button displays on the right.

Refresh Zone Data: Click to refresh the zone data, if needed.
Deactivate Service: Click to deactivate the Secondary Zone service.



Enable MultiMaster — Click to enable the form to accept more than one IP address.  Use in the case of multiple Primary Zone servers.

Master Server IP — Enter the IP address of your Primary Zone Server.  If there is more than one Primary Zone Server, select Enable MultiMaster and enter one IP address per line.

Click for More Info on Optional Fields

Modify a Secondary Zone
5.  Click Modify to save the changes to your secondary zone. Modify button