Follow the instructions listed here to migrate your account from Dyn Standard DNS service to Managed DNS.

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Click Create Zone. Create Zone button
3.  Click the Migrate tab to display the Migrate from DynDNS form. Migrate Zone Tab
4.  Use the following information to complete the Migrate Zone from DynDNS form.

Zone Name – Enter the full name of the Zone to migrate (i.e.,

DynDNS Username – Enter the DynDNS account Username.

DynDNS Password – Enter the DynDNS account Password.

Migrate From DynDNS Form
5. Click Migrate Zone.
6. Click Task Poller to automatically return the zone when the transfer is complete.
7. Any Webhops currently existing in DynDNS must be recreated as HTTP Redirects. Click to view the HTTP Redirects help page for more information.
8. Records configured for Dynamic DNS need to be updated with the DDNS Service and the update client needs to be configured with the new credentials. Click to view the DDNS help page for more information.
9. Review the zone data to ensure it transferred correctly. If it is correct, proceed to Publishing Your Zone.