Setting up the HTTP Redirect service sends visitors to your domain or sub-domain to a new location. The Redirect can occur to a different domain or sub-domain and can include a path to a specific directory or file on the target web server.

To Setup the HTTP Redirect Service
1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Find the zone which contains the node where you want to add the service. Click Manage in the right most column of the display. Manage link from zone view
3.  Select Simple Editor from the tab menu.
4. Scroll down the navigation tree to find the node where you want the service added.
5.  Scroll to the Services section.

Services section header for Simple Editor

6.  Select HTTP Redirect from the Add a New Service drop-down.

Note: The HTTP Redirect service will not appear in the drop-down list if a CNAME or A record already exists on this node.
Add a new service drop-down view
7.  Use the following information to complete the HTTP Redirect form:

Redirect URL — Enter the full URL, including http:// or https://, where users will be redirected when accessing the selected zone node.

Include requested URI in Redirect — Check if you want to preserve the user’s specific path to a subdirectory.  Leave unchecked to simply redirect users to the Redirect URL.

Response Code — Choose the response code associated with this redirect.

301 — Moved Permanently

302 — Found. (Default)

Add Service — Click to add the redirect service to the zone node.

HTTP Redirect form