Internet Intelligence monitors your assets from vantage points around the world. We also provide insight into Market City reachability from your current set of Cloud provider regions.


The Cloud analytics view provides insight into service delivery to key global markets from any of the following cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace Managed Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and SoftLayer.

See Understanding the Cloud Analytics View for more information.


Market City to Cloud Location

Pick a market city on the map and hover your mouse pointer over the colored circle. The Cloud location with the lowest latency for the market city displays at the top of the map.

Cloud Comparison AWS
Market City Latencies for All Cloud Locations

Click the market city and latencies from the city to each Cloud location are shown in a table, in order of lowest latency first. Click Select this market under the table to view the latency connections to all the Cloud locations.

Cloud Performance Market City
Market City Selected

Displays the speed from the market city to the individual Cloud locations around the world. This is also the view displayed when you select a Cloud provider and a market city. Click the gray pointer at the market city to clear this market and return to the Comparison Cloud Map with latencies for all cities.


Market City Performance