The purpose of Traffic Director is to enable you to create DNS management at whatever level of granularity you want within your network and to monitor that network granularity.

Once you’ve added Traffic Director to your account, you are brought to the configuration view. Use the links in the table below to Add, Remove, or Configure any of these sections of the Traffic Director service.

WARNING: Making changes to any one Traffic Director object with multiple sessions, either via the API or GUI, may cause unexpected behavior. This unexpected behavior could result in unintentional service changes or the inability to propagate new zone changes.

NOTE: Total number of records in a single Response Pool may not be more than 255.

WARNING: Dyn recommends setting an explicit fallback record entry in all Traffic Director services to ensure a query is always answered with a record. See TD Best Practices – Fallback Entry for more information on setting up a fall back entry.

Service Controls Configure Service Controls
Response Pools Manage And Configure Response Pools
Response Pool Records Manage And Configure Response Pool Records
Rulesets Manage And Configure Rulesets
Monitors Manage And Configure Monitors