Welcome to Dyn’s Standard DNS Getting Started Guide!

Logging into your account

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Overview of Standard DNS

Standard DNS is designed for you to manage your DNS for a personal or small business website.


What do you want to do?

Each of these topics relates to a specific view in the Standard DNS portal. Select a topic to see more information about the page and its content.

Delegate your domain to Dyn Standard DNS

Domain delegation tells the internet where your DNS queries are answered. Here is all the information you need to do the delegation with your domain registrar.

Add a resource record

Resource records contain the information for DNS query answers. Create resource records for network assets that provide information on the Internet.

Manage a resource record

Network changes may cause resource records to be out of date. Manage current resource records to stay up to date with new network configurations.

Modify a resource record

Directions on how to update resource records in both the standard interface and the expert interface of Standard DNS.

Delete a resource record

When a resource record is no longer needed, remove it from the zone.

Configure reverse DNS zone with Standard DNS

Reverse DNS zones are used for email verification. Create a reverse zone for Standard DNS zones with a resource record type MX.

Set Up DNS for a basic website

Learn about the basic DNS records your new website will need and how to add them in Dyn Standard DNS.