Every page in Internet Intelligence has a search bar at the top of the page.  Use it to search for IPs, Prefixes, ASNs, Domains, or to perform a string search. Each search type opens the corresponding report for that network asset type.
IP Address Report Enter numbers in the form of a.b.c.d, to search for a specific IP address.

Prefix Report Enter numbers in the form of a.b.c.d/e to search for the IP prefix.

ASN Report Any integer typed into a search field will be treated as an ASN. You can also format the search with the prefix ‘AS’. AS123, AS 123, or 123 will all result in the same answer.

Domain Report Enter a domain in the form of x.y where y matches a domain extension. If y does not match a domain extension, the search field will perform a string search on the information entered.

String Search Results Anything entered into a search field that does not match the format for an ASN search, an IP Prefix search, or a domain search will be treated as a string search.