Anything entered into a search box that does not fit the format of an IP, prefix, ASN, or domain is considered a string search.

In this example, a search on the string ‘bank’ returns 15,862 organizations and 39 domains with the string ‘bank’.

Matched: Organizations

Matched: Domains

Organizations with names that matched the search. All organizations have one or more registered prefixes. These networks may be originated by the organization or by another organization or internet service provider. Some organizations in the search results list have one or more AS numbers that originate prefixes. Click on an ASN to open the ASN Report.

Click on a prefix to open a Prefix report.

Click View All to expand all items.

Click Add to my portfolio to save all the search results into an Inventory.

A list of domains that matched the search. Click on any domain to open a Domain report. The domain report contains a list of cities where the domain is hosted, as well as the name of the organization where the hosting prefix is registered.
String Search Results