The Domain Report initially shows a map of the world with cities marked where the domain is hosted.

Click a city on the map or from the list of locations to view how the Internet reaches the domain in that city.

Any search in the form of x.y will return a domain report as long as y matches a domain extension.

Left Column  Map
In my portfolio – Displays inventory name associated with this domain.

Add to my portfolio – Click to add this domain to your portfolio. If this asset is already in your portfolio, a plus (+) symbol appears here to allow you to add the asset to another inventory.

Map of IPv4 hosts – Displays the interactive map on the right.

IPv4 hosts for top domains – Displays a listing of the IP addresses, prefixes, ASNs, domains, and their locations on the right.

See network connectivity at each location – Click any location on the left to see the provider that connects the domain to the internet.

Map of IPv4 Hosts –¬†Displays the location of any IPv4 hosts associated with this domain name.

IPv4 hosts for top domains – Click on any row to view the IP address report.

domain report