The Email Delivery Control Panel opens directly to the Dashboard view. To view other sections of your Email Delivery account, select any of the views in the black bar at the top of the view.

Email Control Panel


Dashboard Displays the Account Summary covering recent sending volume, level of sent, delivered, and bounced emails. Default starting page for the Control Panel.
Approved Senders View and modify your list of approved senders. Displays whether each address has been opted into Seeding, is using a Custom Tracking Domain, and whether the address has an SPF record or a DKIM record.
Integration Includes information and configuration fields for Postback URLs and Custom X-Headers. Use the Integration page for generating an Email API Key, required to use the Email Delivery API interface.
Accounts Determine the master account and create sub-accounts in the Email Accounts view. Also contains a link to manage your Dyn ID.
RepCheck Information regarding your account’s email sending reputation.

NOTE: This service has been deprecated.

IP Manager View the IP addresses your account is using to send email. Most users will see that they are using a shared pool of IP addresses.
Suppression List View those emails prevented from being part of your sending list. This keeps your spam complaint rate and your bounced email rate low to keep your deliverability score high.
Reports Displays the Account Summary page and has options to configure the Summary report to display the metrics you want to see. Also has links to the individual metrics where you can sort and/or download the information.

Click Reports to open the Summary page.

Point to the word Reports without clicking to view the menu of specific reports. Click the report name you want to view in the menu.