NOTICE: RepCheck has been deprecated from Dyn’s Email Delivery service as of April 26, 2016. If you have any questions about this service change, please contact support at

RepCheck is a tool specific to Dyn Email Delivery to provide you with information concerning the reputation of your emails. RepCheck provides you with information on various levels that impact overall delivery success, presented in real-time based on your last 30 days of activity. Select the Learn More . . . link next to the RepCheck topic to learn more about a specific metric and things you can do to improve your online reputation.

NOTE: You must have a Full Email Delivery account to access the Integration view features. If you would like to upgrade your account to take advantage of these features, please contact our Concierge department.

Authentication When using a third party email delivery service, such as Dyn’s Email Delivery, email authentication helps to verify the identity and trust between the sender (Dyn’s Email Delivery) and the receiving server (ISPs & corporate mail servers) by placing both SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) into your DNS records. Receiving servers will perform a DNS query on your domain’s records to verify that a third party sender is authorized to send mail on your behalf. This helps prevent forged or unwanted messages making it into the inbox.
Volume/Frequency Steady volumes and frequency help develop your reputation as a good sender. Random spikes of traffic is a behavior often associated with spammers. Enough volume needs to be sent from your IP(s) before being established as a trusted sender by receiving ISPs.
Inbox Acceptance Rate Dyn’s Email Delivery monitors your inbox delivery rates and aggregate the percentage of mail arriving in the inbox against missing mail and mail that landed in a SPAM folder. Your overall sending reputation is impacted by blacklisting, intelligent delivery, bounce and SPAM complaint rates, sending volume and frequency, and the content of your emails.
Bounce Rate Your bounce rate is a percentage of undeliverable messages (bounces) based on the total number of emails that you have sent. It is recommended that bounce rates remain under 2%. Higher bounce rates are often indicative of improper list management and cleansing, or that the list is old, rented, or purchased.
Spam Complaint Rate Your spam complaint rate is a percentage of user-submitted complaints based on the total number of emails that you have sent. Spam complaints are when the email receiver opts to click the “This is Spam” button in the email client’s UI. It is recommended that your spam complaint rates remain under 0.05%.
Blacklists ISPs use blacklists to block unsolicited email (SPAM) from senders with poor reputations. Legitimate senders can be mistakenly blacklisted. Dyn’s Email Delivery scans the 10 top blacklist services in real-time for your sending IP(s). Most blacklists are 24 hour blocks and you will automatically be removed from the list after this period. Some, however, require your action to remove yourself from the list. If you happen to find yourself on one of these lists, don’t panic. Call Dyn’s tech support.