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New Features:

  • The reporting interface has been enhanced for more flexible searching, and improved performance. (Bounce and Complaint listing/searching are not yet addressed, but will be very soon.)

Code Enhancements:

  • The internal database schema and code have been updated to provide for longer-term scalability and performance
  • REST API documentation has been updated to highly recommend date range filters for the reporting methods, and document that we currently only return the first 25 sub-accounts (we are working to improve this)
  • The mail processing code no longer sets (and removes any existing) “Return-Path” header before sending mail out, since the destination mail server (“MDA”) is responsible for setting this header before final delivery
  • For accounts that utilize a dedicated sending IP (as opposed to the “shared” pool), new sub-accounts will now default to the same IP as their master account
  • API reporting methods now return data only for current user, to prevent confusion and match the behavior of the website

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