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New Features: Suppression reasons are now tracked and reported back, giving users more context for troubleshooting and reporting Code Enhancements: Postback URLs are now de-activated if they fail when called by the system; DynECT Concierge will reach out if this happens, and users can re-activate when the issue is resolved Both open and click tracking… Read more »


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New Features: Bounce Reporting performanced has improved by orders of magnitude, thanks to changes made to the data storage methods Bounces can now be searched with more specific filters, including bounce code and type Code Enhancements: User deletion now takes much less time than before Open and click reporting data can no be exported correctly

Release 4.3.7

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Code Enhancements: When using DynECT together with failover service and a third party secondary DNS server, provide the current failover addres to the secondary server rather than the entire pool. Correct a problem where the GeoTM service could not be added to a node with an existing GSLB service. Added separate infrastructure for analyzing monitory… Read more »


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New Features: Certain account configuration changes and events are now tracked and presented to accounts, for convenience and improved troubleshooting Code Enhancements: Bounce reporting retrieval times are improved, but only when querying by date (we’re actively working on cases where filtering by address, type, etc.) Developers may now retrieve more than just the first 25… Read more »