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New Features:

  • Users of the website/portal and API can now filter their reporting data by sender address
  • Users of the website/portal are now able to export their suppression list (the API has always had this feature)
  • Users of the website/portal may now export their open and link click activity (this was always available through the REST API)

Code Enhancements:

  • The system now no longer intermittently rejects mail with a 421 SMTP response
  • The “bounce rule” querystring parameter in bounce postback URLs is now encoded correctly; both this and the bounce code value will now be lowercased and stripped of all spaces (such as “previouslyhardbounced” or “overquota”)
  • Ajax-related requests made on the website/portal following session timeout are now handled more effectively, redirecting the user to the login page to login again
  • REST API method /recipients/status no longer returns extraneous code within its responses
  • Postback URLs are now validated when submitted with user account information through the REST API; only a blank value or a full website URL are allowed

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