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New Features:

  • Incoming mail server authentication now runs independent of the database, allowing for less interruption during maintenance windows
  • Performance of aggregate data reporting via the website has been greatly improved
  • Changes made to user and sender setup changes may now take up to a few minutes to take effect, due to improvements in overall sending performance
  • Bounce and complaint processing may defer messages for which it cannot find a matching recipientid
  • The dashboard and reports pages now display statistics only for the current user account, to prevent confusion; to display stats for a sub-account, login or switch to that account
  • RepCheck page performance has been greatly improved

Code Enhancements:

  • Previous hard bounces are now correctly reflected in the detail and aggregate statistics reporting
  • Lite users may now update their own account information, including their password
  • Exporting from website results no longer returns an “export failed” error
  • Sub-accounts of non-demo user accounts may now send beyond their monthly email cap (applies only to sub-accounts created during the “demo” phase)
  • Reports page introductory text now correctly displays the month name
  • Opens graph now reflects correct data
  • Bounce postback URLs are no longer lower-cased when called

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