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New Features:

  • Master accounts may now disable any of the sub-accounts, preventing all access to DynECT Email Delivery (Web, API, and sending)
  • The control panel now utilizes the latest version of jQuery, providing enhanced performance, especially for AJAX requests
  • The system now aggregates usage history for future reporting use, before the data is purged (see version 2.1.1 for purge information)

Code Enhancements:

  • The SPF popup has been reworded to (hopefully) be more clear; it also reflects the new SPF domain all should have set up in their DNS configuration (your SPF records should now “”)
  • Graphs no longer display extra data at the end of the month
  • The “View Header” link has been hidden for “previously hard bounced” bounces (DynECT Email does not deliver to recipients that have previously hard-bounced or complained, and records this on the Bounces page
  • Sender email addresses may now be specified with a space just inside the left and right brackets (< and >), per RFC specification
  • The REST API no longer runs sluggishly

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