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New Features:

  • Control Panel success/failure messages have enhanced styling, and will display for several seconds instead of lingering too long
  • Changed the “opened” stage in open tracking to “seen”, to better reflect the action; also added a “total opens” line to the opens graph, and changed the graph to better show the breakdown of each stage (seen, skimmed, read)

Code Enhancements:

  • Quoted-printable email body content no longer loses periods when emailed through DynECT Email; this problem affected only quoted-printable HTML emails that had periods as the first character on a line (not common)
  • Strengthened bounce code collection further so both Diagnostic-Code and Status are displayed if present, for faster bounce troubleshooting
  • Hard bounces and spam complaints that previously bounced/complained are now logged as bounces or complaints, respectively, rather than as send issues; this way, the Send Issues log will contain only failed sends
  • Fixed minor issue for master accounts where suppression list searches would filter against username, when the sub-account suppressions were not included
  • Fixed issue with user creation, where click tracking was always correctly set up (affected only accounts created on the last day of the month)

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