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New Features:

  • Link click tracking is now available; when enabled, a log will be kept for each time a recipient clicks a link in your HTML emails
  • Custom x-header fields may now be administered through REST API via the /accounts/xheaders method

Code Enhancements:

  • API method /bounces now returns custom x-header values in a clearer, more consistent way
  • 7bit-encoded HTML email body content is now always open-tracked
  • Summary graph now always shows correct month (it would sometimes show the previous month even though the current month had data)
  • User timezones are now taken into account when displaying dates in the Control Panel (especially for bounce and complaint lists)
  • The DKIM identifier check now runs only if the DKIM identifier is set (if not set, it no longer defaults to using the domain name of the sender); so please be sure to explicitly define a DKIM identifier for each sender domain

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