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New Features:

  • Move to a “count up” model for sent email, to match other Dyn products
  • Created an admin interface for demo and other account creation/management
  • Added instructions to login page for getting help with account
  • Added version label to Control Panel footer
  • Add version history/changelog to Help & Support page in Control Panel
  • DynECT Email now emails a customer’s account rep when they have exceeded their send cap, for proactive service
  • DynECT Email now immediately informs admin and master account users when a new account’s username exists, saving keystrokes

Code Enhancements:

  • Sent Emails count (previously “credits”) now match between master and sub-accounts
  • “Choose a user” dropdowns have been removed from the admin interface
  • The navigation bar now defaults to the left side
  • “Master Account” labeling is now consistent across the Control Panel
  • DynECT Email (Control Panel and API) can now easily be put into maintenance mode with a single config setting
  • Filter by Sender is now hidden on the Summary page within the admin interface
  • The Summary reporting chart now re-paints when the navigation bar is moved, preventing past rendering issues
  • Form labels and values (including “please select one” wording) are now consistent across the Control Panel

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