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New Features:

  • None

Code Enhancements:

  • View Headers on Bounces reporting page now displays correct information
  • Bounce and Spam Postback fields are now optional throughout Control Panel (admin and regular users)
  • “Master account deleted” confirmation message now displays correctly
  • Bounce and Spam Postback URL fields now save as blank when left blank (watermark is now discarded)
  • Upper right “Logged in as” line now accommodates wider text without wrapping
  • API documentation for /Reporting/Bounces has been updated to correctly reflect return values
  • Country field has been added to account form
  • Summary (reporting) page is now hidden in admin view
  • “User view” dropdown is now hidden in admin mode, and when current master account has no sub-accounts
  • Email addresses are now more strongly validated, to better control TLDs

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