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New Features:

  • Added RESTful API with 13 methods
  • The sidebar menu can now be docked as a top menu, or even a right sidebar menu
  • Added Help & Support page with link to User Guide, and link to a Contact Support page
  • All buttons now utilize CSS for styling, for better browser consistency
  • Greatly improved the User Guide documentation
  • Account View dropdown now affects results displayed on the Summary page
  • Added footer to all pages

Code Enhancements:

  • Fixed return error codes to conform to allowable HTTP values
  • Browser title now reflects the correct application name
  • Y axis label on Summary page is now correct
  • The graph legend on the Summary page is now less likely to overlay graph data
  • The “clear” link now correctly clears the radio button selection on the Buy Credits page
  • Fixed rendering of textbox and button borders in IE
  • Fixed a sender duplication issue

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