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New Features:

  • An ASP.NET C# sample application for the DynECT Email REST API is now available to aid with integration
  • Page templates have been updated to utilize more flexible, efficient coding methods (no impact on functionality)
  • The 7-day and main Reports page graphs have been re-colored to more adequately reflect the meaning of each data point
  • Users can now disable open tracking for all emails sent out through their account
  • DynECT Email’s Terms of Use document is now available for perusing (see link in page footers, and on Help & Support page)

Code Enhancements:

  • Extra ampersand has been removed from link tracking URLs (its inclusion was inconsequential)
  • DynECT Email will now retry failed postback URL calls several times over the course of 48 hours, in six-hour increments, before giving up

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