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New Features:

  • A new dashboard landing page reports high-level statistics from the past seven days, including the new “delivered” metrics
  • Send-related issues are now displayed, providing a way to know why any emails submitted to DynECT Email could not be sent
  • DynECT Email now manages a Suppression List for each user, using it to prevent subsequent sends to recipients who have previously hard-bounced or submitted a spam complaint; you can re-activate recipients via the Control Panel, or via the /recipients/activate REST API method

Code Enhancements:

  • Single-part base64- and quoted-printable-encoded emails are now correctly open- and link click-tracked
  • Duplicate spam complaint records should no longer occur. However, entries may look the same since we record only the email address and time of the complaint; so if a user reports spam on two different emails in quick succession, this will result in two spam complaint records that essentially look alike, but are indeed different
  • Additional documentation has been added to clarify how SPF records should be configured (i.e. we check specifically for TXT records in your DNS configuration, not the new, experimental “SPF” record (see SPF documentation)
  • Approved sender creation should no longer fail in some cases
  • Table header styling has been updated to prevent the sort arrow graphic from showing too much when a header row is forced to wrap

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