Welcome to Dyn’s Dynamic Steering Getting Started Guide.

Logging In

To login to Dynamic Steering, you will need to create a DynID, if you don’t already have one.

Setting Up a DynID

Add Dynamic Steering to an existing DynID

Overview of Dynamic Steering

Dyn’s Dynamic Steering allows you to create and apply Dynamic Steering policies and rules that take advantage of the most current Internet traffic conditions.

Identifying Parts of the Interface

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Policies are listed in the opening view. A new installation will not have any policies listed. You need to define a policy before moving forward to attaching domains and adding answers or rules.

Add Policy opens the window to create a new policy.

Policy Add Answer view

What do you want to do?

Create or update a policy A policy specifies only answers and rules for what to include in DNS response messages. Policies are attached to domains where those answers are applicable.
Attach a DNS zone Attach a managed DNS zone to a policy. DNS query responses are determined by the Dynamic Steering Rule filters.
Add or update policy answers Identified answers are filtered by the policy rules and then made available for DNS query responses.
Add or update policy rules Rules define the filters that answers must meet to be included in a DNS query response.